"TJ's Ride"

After fourteen months of riding riverboats in Viet Nam, TJ Hamlin receives orders to Naval Air Station backyard duty in his hometown of Corpus Christi. It has been three years since he had seen his brothers from the club, and he is looking forward to long rides in the South Texas sun on his old '59 custom Harley. Little does he know he will end up working as a bouncer, running for his life, and becoming involved in taking down a drug ring within his own club.

In TJ's Ride, an action novel of approximately 70,000 words and the first in the TJ series, TJ is torn between his dedication to the brothers in the club and his desire to stop drugs from tearing down the only real family he has known. When he discovers who is involved in the operation, he is torn even more, but when a friend is murdered, TJ is focused on one thing: revenging his friend at all costs.

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