Pages, People and Products I Like

The links on this page are all personal. I have either used their products or they have helped me along the highway in some capacity. Visit them, support them, and tell them TJ sent you.

Note: These links will take you off the JR Hamilton Books website. Links will open in a new window.

CC Riders Motorcycle Club
When I needed a name for my bike's club in "TJ's Ride," I wanted CC Riders, for Corpus Christi Riders. Unfortunately for me, there already was a CC Riders, a motorcycle club in Colorado. I had several friendly conversations with Rick Bowser, the president of the club, and he agreed to let me use the name CC Riders for the TJ Series. If you are interested in riding at high altitude, check them out.

Dead Key Publishing
I am pleased to be published by Dead Key Publishing. Check them out if you are a writer looking for a publisher who will work hard for you.