Freer, Texas

Freer enjoyed something of an oil boom early in the 20th Century. The small town was featured in Life Magazine while it enjoyed its boom status. Click here to see some of the photography featured in Life Magazine.

Freer holds a rattlesnake roundup every March. TJ has had much experience with rattlesnake wrangling and could give anyone a run for their money.

On a side note about rattlesnakes, one of TJ's guns is a customized Colt Combat Commander with rattlesnake grips. But TJ isn't the only one with experience with rattlers. Author JR Hamilton says, "During the summers, I was either at Padre Island, North Beach or Granite Shoals Lake (now known as Lake LBJ). I was either swimming, surfing, skiing or catching snakes to sell to a snake farmer. My pride and joy was almost 7 foot of deadly beauty. I usually got five bucks a head from the snake farmers. I got eight for that one. Now? I could get 30 times that."