Random Musings

Coming soon -- the random musings of this particular writer, musician, biker, church guy.

The Writing Process
There are many significant days in the life of a book. Some of these can be nailed down to a particular date, maybe even time. Others are much more vague and harder to nail down.

It begins with an idea, something bouncing around in the author's head. In the case of TJ's Ride the idea had been there for many years. During that time the picture changed many times until it morphed into something almost solid. With TJ's Ride it didn't become solid until it hit paper.

Next is when the idea moves to something with shape. When those first few words hit the page (actually the screen, after all, who still uses a type writer) I feel an elation and desire to charge on and not stop. That is the day that TJ's Ride came to life but for me that day came many times. I wrote the first three chapters no less than a half dozen times before I was convinced to take it to completion.

The day I finished the first cut on that manuscript was filled with both elation and sadness. Elation in that a task was complete but sadness because it was almost like coming to the end of a friendship. That was the day I decided that my friendship with TJ couldn't end, and I decided there were other stories of his adventures that must be told.

My editor is my best friend, particularly in writing. I doubt there are many writers who greatly enjoy passing work to someone for critical evaluation. Let's face it, anyone who feels they have something to say that other people are willing to pay to read has to have a rather large ego. Being someone who spends a good deal of time standing in front of groups of people and telling them things they may or may not want to hear just makes for a greater ego. Making the corrections has been hard work; at times it tore at my soul because someone was saying there was something wrong with what I had to say.

Now comes the tedious effort of preparing all the material to present to an agent. I am fortunate to have some wonderful assistance and guidance in this endeavor. This is also somewhat painful because once again "TJ's Ride" is being exposed for criticism, but it is a necessary step.

That is where we are now. I'm casting my lot along with many other writers who have poured their thoughts and hearts into print, praying that out of so many other artists "TJ's Ride" will be seen worthy.