Meet the Man

I was born in West Virginia but by the time I was six months old I had seen and done everything there was in the state so we moved to Texas. Until just before I started school we moved around south Texas but I started school in Corpus Christi and lived there until I left school to join the Navy my senior year in 1964. After a time in Viet Nam I was assigned to NAS (Naval Air Station) Corpus Christi and was stationed there for three years. While I was stationed in Corpus I did manage to get into a little trouble and much of it was due to my biking.

I started working on motorcycles when I was thirteen, an old Triumph 650. When I received her, she was in baskets, but with the help of a friend of the family I got her together and running, but it wasn’t a Harley. I got my hands on a 1959 Panhead and began rebuilding my second motorcycle; this one became the love of my life.

I began riding with clubs at a young age and, in fact, belonged to one before I left for Viet Nam. Upon returning I once again began riding with them. I have ridden with clubs in Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio and Maryland. Some were good people, others weren't the kind of people you would invite to church.

Guns are another love of mine. I was not quite eleven when I began shooting both long guns and hand guns. I was good enough when I was stationed in Corpus to be a part of the pistol team. My knowledge of knives and guns is extensive, and inaccuracies in this area are unacceptable in the books I read. (I am also very critical of mistakes made by authors related to cars. One of my favorite writers referred to a 1957 Impala one time, and I all but stopped reading his books.

My writing experience is pretty extensive. When I was in Viet Nam and during some dark times in my life, I used writing to work out some of those demons. Later I wrote government specifications and developed quality assurance programs and manuals and even now develop procedures and guidelines for production. As a pastor at a small church I am tasked with preparing and writing sermons every week, which requires some extensive research at times. Along the same line I have taught Sunday School and worked with youth for almost thirty years. I develop my own curriculum because I can't find any that satisfy me and my method of teaching.

I love to write. It seems to free my mind and refresh me as well.